Friday, December 19, 2008

Sites that I most definatly reccomend

Hello again,

There are two sites that I would recommend to the budding hobbyist... but i don't mean normal hobby's although there are plenty of tips for those too.

 From electronics and computers to lampshades and reactors there is something for you at intructables . The purpose of the site is to give people with great building tips and project ideas an organized place to make them accessible  I would recommend setting up an account...its really easy and it gives you the added benefit of being able to see all the steps on one page. If you have done something go ahead and post a tutorial on how you did it so others can do it too.
Instuctables-the Biggest How To and DIY 

If you are into getting stuff done in life than Lifehacker is for you. Its essentially a blog with tips and downloads for getting things done...from the newest software to instructions on how to put ambient lighting on your desk they've got you covered!

Lifehacker- tips and downloads for getting things done -


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